“Everything starts with the ball and finish with the ball. Sometimes we forget that this is a game with 11 v 11, WITH ONE BALL, and we try to keep this ball, we try to play with the ball, we try to make everything with the ball.”

Pep Guardiola

Manager, Manchester City



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Ankle stretch to recover injured ankles

Ankle stretches? Don’t let tight ankles hold you back! A common trait among soccer players are tight calves and ligaments around the ankles. ¬†You might not have even noticed it yet, or you might consistently suffer from sprained (twisted) ankles that are...
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How to find more space on a Soccer field

Forget the myths, this doesn’t come naturally. Finding space on a soccer field is a deliberate habit that the best soccer players dedicate hours and hours of individual practice to. It all starts by seeing the bigger picture. A professional soccer field is...
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Pep Guardiola: Rondo to Exception

The training exercise that Pep Guardiola will never give up.

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Image of Pep Guardiola, Manchester CIty head coach

Pep Guardiola: Training Fundamentals

The Principles behind Pep Guardiolas Soccer Philosophy.

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Decorative image of Xavi

Xavi: The Passmaster

Xavi discusses with Solo Soccer the importance of maintaining possession and how to improve your ability to retain the ball.

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