Top 10 Core Exercises for Soccer Players

Solo Soccer runs down the top 10 core body exercises for serious soccer players.

The importance of a strong core can not be dismissed in soccer. From that extra yard of pace, to holding off an opponent, all elements of fitness begin with the core.


10. Sit-Ups

I did sit-ups to get buff, I did two and a half and I couldn’t get up. Sit-ups have had a solid association with solid abs since time began.

9. Planking

8. Crunches

7. Leg raises

6. Lunges

5. Press-ups

4. Pull-ups

3. Sprinting.

Honest, reliable and effective. Whether it’s 10 or 100 yards, we all have access to an area of turf or concrete. Slip on your trainers and hit maximum intensity, you’re body will love you for it.

2. Weighted-Dips

You’ll need a little equipment for this one. Weighted dips build astonishing strength in the chest, shoulders and triceps. Combined, this core-busting exercise unleashes the key to additional sprinting power and rugged stability to knock your opponent of the ball.

1. Squat Jumps

The creme-de-la-creme. There is no better all-round exercise for soccer players. When exercised correctly, squat jumps improve endurance, power and flexibility. Each squat jumps trains the fast-twitch muscle fibers throughout your body to act in unison and generate enough power to get you airborne. Upon landing you’re training your muscle stabilizers to kick into action and control that generated power – it’s important here to hold you position every time you land.


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