Pep Guardiola: Training Fundamentals

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Pep Guardiola training methods shared with Solo Soccer Training

“The intensity has gone through the roof,” “It’s so intense” – Fabian Delph speaking of Guardiolas soccer training methods.

Fitness First.

Such is the technical excellence of your typical ‘Guardiola Player’ it has become a common myth that physically, Guardiola does not work his players as hard as Simeone or a Mourinho. This is simply a myth.

From Fat Camps at Manchester City, to Mountain Mayhem at Bayern Munich, Guardiola has based his philosophy around high tempo, intensive training sessions that allow his teams to play a vigrous pressing game.

Use the ball

While you may think this intensity equals hours and hours on endless running drills, Pep Guardiola over-emphasises the importance of doing EVERYTHING with the ball at his players feet. In fact, the stars of Bayern Munich often used to joke about returning to a ‘Mountain of footballs’ every time they join back up with the club after an international break.

“There’s only one way you can go when you train as hard as that and work as hard as that and that’s to be successful.” – FA Cup & League Cup winner Mike Summerbee discussing the Manchester City training regime under Pep Guardiola.

Image of Pep Guardiola

Manchester City head coach Pep Gaurdiola training his players

Confidence. hunger and respect

“He makes you feel good about yourself and makes you want to do well and push on. He seems like he’s been wanting to come to the Premier League to showcase his skills for some time and I’m really excited to have him here now.” – Fabian Delph

If you take a look at the career path of Pep Guardiola, success has been a consistency. Yet despite winning all of the trophys that have been available to him, Pep Guardiola still turns up with the same desire and enthusiasm that he expects from his players. From day one at Manchester City, Guardiola knew all of the players by name from the youth team right through to the senior squad members. There is no ego, which is a rare trait these days of a man from such success.

More stretching, less straining

image of Manchester City players stretching

Pep Guardiola arranges additional stretching sessions to prepare his players for matches

Pep Guardiola is keen to keep his key players on the pitch as often as possible. Players don’t have to be running themselves into the ground every session in order to prepare them for match day. This is why Guardiola has introduced additional stretching sessions for his players. Using a mixture of dynamic and static stretches, Guardiola focuses on preparing the muscles for game in a controlled and less stressful environment to avoid muscular injuries.

Stretching is no longer just a warm-up exercise. Pep Guardiola uses stretching as the basis of his lighter training session, increasing the flexibility and efficiency of his players movements.