Gilberto Silva: It’s never too late.

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Forget what they tell you. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO BECOME PROFESSIONAL. Maybe you can’t find anybody who has done it before under your circumstances? Well that’s because it’s your story. Never give up, always believe that you can make it.

Gilberto Silva never gave up.Here’s his incredible story which took him from a Factory Worker at 21, to World Cup winner at 26.

From Invisible Wall to the Invincible. Gilberto Silva will forever be remembered as one of the greatest defensive midfielders of the Premier League… which is an incredible feat for somebody who had never kicked a ball as a professional football player at the age of 21.

Long before lifting the Premier League trophy with Arsenal in their undefeated season, Gilberto Silva was born into a very poor family. His early adulthood was spent juggling his dream of becoming a Professional Soccer Player and the reality of having to provide for his family by working various labour jobs.

The promising career of a future World Cup winner once looked lost, when Gilberto Silva quit the game to work in a factory so that he could provide for his family. It wasn’t until 3 years later that his friends managed to convince him to retry football! The journey was not easy, as Gilberto was played out of position and subjected to abuse from his fans for being inconsistent in his performances. However this was to be the making of him.

Gilberto learned his trade by playing out of position as a Central Defender. This brought about a new awareness to his game and allowed him to become a more rounded player. If you’re struggling to get into your team in your favoured position, be open to the idea of playing in a different or new role. Although you may struggle and have difficulty reaching the performance of your favoured position, you will become a more balanced and complete player. Never turn down the opportunity to play just because your coach wants you to play a different role, with patience it WILL make you a better soccer player.

And Never Give Up. At 21 Years Old, Gilberto Silva was working in a sweet factory. At 26 Years Old he signed for Arsenal as a World Cup Winner!


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